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2017 Xiangshan City Travel
Aug 29, 2018

2017 Xiangshan City Travel

Date: 31st Sep. - 1st Oct.  2017

Place :Xiangshan city in Zhejiang Province

Company Event : Be relaxed and work better


The sky is not blue as we wish

The water is not clear as we hope

However the air is quite fresh

The breeze is real cool

The city is very clean

our mood are so beautiful :)

HELLO ,the Ocean , Nice to meet you :)

Ferry terminal.png

Be careful to the water  ,  each of us !!!  

Ready to help any time  ,  all of us  !!!

Team style.png

Do you want to join ?  FOLLOW US :)

Team style1.png

Hey ,boss , Look this way  : )

Team style 2.png

EXCEED family , we are the best : )   For better EXCEED in the future , fighting !!!

Catch crab 1.png

Friendly Crab  :  Do you want to shake hands with me  : )

Catch crab 2.png

Sweet Grab , we come here just for you.  touch you , hold you , and then have you :-)

Team gathering.png

Smiling , eating , chatting ,  HAPPY times around table with EXCEED family.

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