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EX-201B-1 matt black 5/6mm glass bathtub screen

- Model:EX-201B-1

- Open Style:pivot

- Glass Thickness:5mm,6mm

- Clear,frosted,grey,pattern glass,optional

- Size:(700-1500)x(1400-1600)mm,Size can be customized 

- Aluminum finish:Black

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since 2011

Zhejiang Exceed New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is leading China EX-201B-1 matt black 5/6mm glass bathtub screen suppliers and OEM/ODM EX-201B-1 matt black 5/6mm glass bathtub screen company.Since its establishment 10 years ago, EXCEED specializes in the production of shower enclosures and sanitary wares and produces high-end products in strict accordance with international standards with the goal of development. Our main products are high-end shower rooms, shower trays, glass canopy, etc. We have passed GS. SGS and CE certificate. The core task of any shower enclosure is keeping the water where it should stay: inside the shower cabin. Extensive water leakage testing for every product prototype and every new model ensures that each product fulfills this key task. Expertise from these tests is also used to engineer modern, slim and simply elegant shower enclosures without compromising any functional characteristics. Exceed can stay reliable and stylish for you every day!

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Industry knowledge

The EX-201B-1 matt black 5/6mm glass bathtub screen serves as a functional and aesthetic element in a bathroom setting. Its primary purpose is to create a separation between the bathtub and the surrounding bathroom area while preventing water from splashing outside the tub during bathing. Here's a breakdown of its functions:
1. Splash Protection: The bathtub screen acts as a barrier to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor or adjacent fixtures when someone is taking a shower or bath. This helps maintain a dry and safe environment in the bathroom.
2. Water Containment: By containing the water within the bathtub area, the screen contributes to better drainage and prevents water from pooling outside the tub, which could lead to slip hazards or water damage.
3. Privacy: The screen offers a level of privacy for the bather, allowing them to bathe comfortably without feeling exposed. This is particularly beneficial in shared bathrooms or open-concept spaces.
4. Aesthetic Enhancement: The matt black finish of the glass screen contributes to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. It adds a modern and stylish touch, enhancing the visual appeal of the space.
5. Open Feel: Unlike traditional shower curtains, the glass bathtub screen maintains an open and spacious feel in the bathroom. It doesn't visually close off the area, making the bathroom appear larger and more inviting.
6. Easy Maintenance: Glass screens are generally easy to clean and maintain. The smooth surface of the glass is less likely to accumulate mold and soap scum compared to curtains.
7. Durability: The use of tempered glass in the screen ensures durability and safety. Tempered glass is more resistant to breakage, providing a secure barrier.
8. Contemporary Design: The matt black finish is often chosen for its contemporary and minimalist design, which can complement various bathroom styles and color schemes.
9. Custom Fit: The screen is designed to fit the dimensions of the bathtub area, offering a tailored and seamless look. It can be adjusted to fit different bathtub sizes and configurations.