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Shower tray

T02 square ABS shower tray

- Model:T02

- Material:ABS

- Color:White/Black

- Drainer:90mm

- Size:





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since 2011

Zhejiang Exceed New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is leading China T02 square ABS shower tray suppliers and OEM/ODM T02 square ABS shower tray company.Since its establishment 10 years ago, EXCEED specializes in the production of shower enclosures and sanitary wares and produces high-end products in strict accordance with international standards with the goal of development. Our main products are high-end shower rooms, shower trays, glass canopy, etc. We have passed GS. SGS and CE certificate. The core task of any shower enclosure is keeping the water where it should stay: inside the shower cabin. Extensive water leakage testing for every product prototype and every new model ensures that each product fulfills this key task. Expertise from these tests is also used to engineer modern, slim and simply elegant shower enclosures without compromising any functional characteristics. Exceed can stay reliable and stylish for you every day!

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Industry knowledge
How to ensure unobstructed water flow in a square ABS shower tray?
Square ABS shower trays are gradually becoming popular in the bathroom market for their simple design and practicality. Among them, its unimpeded water flow brings users a good bathing experience.
The bottom of the shower tray is usually designed with an inclined surface at a certain angle, which can guide the water to flow naturally to the drain outlet. This design makes use of physical principles to ensure that water can be drained quickly and effectively, reducing water accumulation.
The design of the drain outlet is also key to ensuring smooth water flow. The drain outlet of a square ABS shower tray is usually located at or near the center of the bottom, which can maximize the collection of water flow from all directions of the shower pan. The size and shape of the drain openings are also carefully designed to maximize drainage efficiency and prevent clogging.
The edges and corners of the shower tray will also be specially treated to ensure that water flow does not stagnate in these areas. Some advanced square ABS shower trays will also be equipped with additional drainage channels or drainage holes to further increase drainage capacity and ensure unimpeded water flow.
In addition to design considerations, users can also take some measures in daily use to keep the shower basin water flowing smoothly. For example, regularly remove dirt and debris from drains and shower trays to avoid clogging. At the same time, pay attention to using an appropriate amount of water to avoid excessive water flowing into the shower basin at the same time and reduce the burden on the drainage system.
The square ABS shower basin ensures the smooth flow of water through its reasonable design and material selection, providing users with a comfortable and convenient bathing environment. As technology continues to advance, our shower trays will be further optimized to meet the needs of more users.