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Sliding Slim Shower Enclosure

EX-504C 5mm economical sliding slim shower enclosure


Open Style:Sliding

Glass Thickness:5mm

Clear,frosted,grey,pattern glass etc

Size:(800-1000)x(1000-1400)x1900mm,size can be customized 

Aluminum finish:Chrome/matt black/gloden/matt

With 10mm adjustment

Stainless steel handle/Zinc alloy handle

Zinc alloy wheels

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since 2011

Zhejiang Exceed New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is leading China EX-504C 5mm economical sliding slim shower enclosure suppliers and OEM/ODM EX-504C 5mm economical sliding slim shower enclosure company.Since its establishment 10 years ago, EXCEED specializes in the production of shower enclosures and sanitary wares and produces high-end products in strict accordance with international standards with the goal of development. Our main products are high-end shower rooms, shower trays, glass canopy, etc. We have passed GS. SGS and CE certificate. The core task of any shower enclosure is keeping the water where it should stay: inside the shower cabin. Extensive water leakage testing for every product prototype and every new model ensures that each product fulfills this key task. Expertise from these tests is also used to engineer modern, slim and simply elegant shower enclosures without compromising any functional characteristics. Exceed can stay reliable and stylish for you every day!

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Industry knowledge
How is the "ultra-thin" design of the economical shower enclosure achieved?
The "ultra-thin" design of the economical shower room is achieved through a series of steps, providing users with a shower space that is both beautiful and functional.

In terms of material selection, the economical sliding slim shower enclosure uses lightweight but high-strength materials. For example, the frame part usually uses high-quality aluminum alloy. This material not only has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, but also has low density and light weight, making it very suitable for manufacturing ultra-thin shower rooms. At the same time, the glass panel of the shower room uses specially processed tempered glass, which can not only ensure good perspective and safety, but also maintain a light weight.

In terms of structural design, the economical sliding slim shower enclosure adopts a simple and compact design concept. The frame part has been carefully designed and optimized to reduce unnecessary supports and connecting parts, making the overall structure lighter. The design of the sliding door is also one of the keys to achieving the ultra-thin effect. It uses a sliding track and pulley system that allows the door to slide smoothly in a smaller space, thereby reducing the thickness of the door and the space it takes up.

In order to further enhance the ultra-thin effect, the economical sliding slim shower enclosure has also been processed in details. For example, the edges adopt a rounded transition design, which not only reduces the abruptness but also enhances the overall aesthetics. At the same time, the drainage system of the shower room has also been optimized so that water can be drained quickly to avoid the accumulation of water stains.

The economical sliding slim shower enclosure successfully achieves the ultra-thin effect through the selection of lightweight materials, simple and compact structural design and optimization of details. This design not only improves the practicality and aesthetics of the shower room, but also brings users a more comfortable and convenient bathing experience. At the same time, due to the use of economical materials and optimized design, the price of this shower room is relatively affordable and suitable for the needs of consumers.