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Walk In Shower Enclosure

EX-100-2 Matt black grid 8mm tempered glass walk-in shower enclosure

- Model:EX-100-2

- Open Style:Walk in

- Glass Thickness:6mm,8mm,10mm

- Silk screen/metal frame

- Size:(800-1400)x(1900-2000)mm,size can be customized 

- Aluminum finish:Black

- Stainless steel support bar/Aluminum pofile support bar.

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since 2011

Zhejiang Exceed New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is leading China EX-100-2 Matt black grid 8mm tempered glass walk-in shower enclosure suppliers and OEM/ODM EX-100-2 Matt black grid 8mm tempered glass walk-in shower enclosure company.Since its establishment 10 years ago, EXCEED specializes in the production of shower enclosures and sanitary wares and produces high-end products in strict accordance with international standards with the goal of development. Our main products are high-end shower rooms, shower trays, glass canopy, etc. We have passed GS. SGS and CE certificate. The core task of any shower enclosure is keeping the water where it should stay: inside the shower cabin. Extensive water leakage testing for every product prototype and every new model ensures that each product fulfills this key task. Expertise from these tests is also used to engineer modern, slim and simply elegant shower enclosures without compromising any functional characteristics. Exceed can stay reliable and stylish for you every day!

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Industry knowledge

The EX-100-2 Matt Black Grid 8mm tempered glass walk-in shower enclosure offers a unique entry method compared to other traditional bathroom entry options. Here's a comparison of the walk-in entry with other common bathroom entry methods:
1. Walk-In Shower Enclosure (EX-100-2):
   - Entry Method: A walk-in shower enclosure features an open and barrier-free entry. There are no doors or curtains to navigate, allowing you to simply walk into the shower space.
   - Advantages: The walk-in design offers easy accessibility, making it suitable for individuals with mobility challenges. It creates a spacious and open feel in the bathroom, enhancing the visual aesthetics. The absence of doors also eliminates the need for regular maintenance and cleaning of door tracks and seals.
2. Traditional Swing Door Shower:
   - Entry Method: A swing door shower enclosure has a hinged door that swings open and closed. The door requires space to swing, either into the bathroom or into the shower space.
   - **Advantages:** Swing door showers provide privacy and can contain steam effectively. They can be suitable for bathrooms with limited space, as the door can be positioned to fit the available layout.
3. Sliding Door Shower:
   - Entry Method: Sliding door showers have doors that slide along tracks to open and close. The doors do not swing out into the bathroom.
   - Advantages: Sliding doors save space since they don't require room to swing open. They are a good option for bathrooms with limited space near the shower entrance.
4. Bathtub Shower Combo:
   - Entry Method: In a bathtub-shower combo, you step over the side of the bathtub to enter the shower area. Some designs may have a swinging or sliding glass door for the shower.
   - Advantages: This configuration combines a shower and bathtub, providing flexibility for bathing preferences. It can save space in smaller bathrooms by serving dual purposes.
5. Curtained Shower:
   - Entry Method: A curtain is used to enclose the shower area. You can part the curtain to enter.
   - Advantages: Curtains are a cost-effective option and can be used in various bathroom sizes. They provide privacy and are easy to install.
6. Open Wet Room:
   - Entry Method: A wet room is an open-concept shower area without any enclosure. The bathroom floor is slightly sloped to allow water to drain.
   - Advantages: Wet rooms provide a modern and minimalist look. They are accessible and easy to clean. However, they require proper waterproofing to prevent water damage.
The choice between different entry methods depends on factors such as bathroom layout, space availability, design preferences, accessibility needs, and maintenance considerations. The walk-in shower enclosure like the EX-100-2 offers a contemporary and open feel, making it particularly suitable for modern bathroom designs and individuals seeking a spacious and accessible showering experience.