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Walk In Shower Enclosure

EX-100-3 6/8/10 mm matt black grid walk-in shower enclosure

- Model:EX100-3

- Open Style:Walk in

- Glass Thickness:6mm,8mm,10mm

- Silk screen/metal frame

- Size:(800-1400)x(1900-2000)mm,size can be customized 

- Aluminum finish:Black

- Stainless steel support bar/Aluminum pofile support bar.

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since 2011

Zhejiang Exceed New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is leading China EX-100-3 6/8/10 mm matt black grid walk-in shower enclosure suppliers and OEM/ODM EX-100-3 6/8/10 mm matt black grid walk-in shower enclosure company.Since its establishment 10 years ago, EXCEED specializes in the production of shower enclosures and sanitary wares and produces high-end products in strict accordance with international standards with the goal of development. Our main products are high-end shower rooms, shower trays, glass canopy, etc. We have passed GS. SGS and CE certificate. The core task of any shower enclosure is keeping the water where it should stay: inside the shower cabin. Extensive water leakage testing for every product prototype and every new model ensures that each product fulfills this key task. Expertise from these tests is also used to engineer modern, slim and simply elegant shower enclosures without compromising any functional characteristics. Exceed can stay reliable and stylish for you every day!

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Industry knowledge

The grid design of the EX-100-3 6/8/10mm Matt Black Grid walk-in shower enclosure introduces both aesthetic and practical effects that can enhance the overall look and functionality of the bathroom. Here's a closer look at how the grid design contributes to the space:
Aesthetic Effects:
1. Modern Elegance: The grid design adds a touch of modern elegance to the shower enclosure. The clean lines and geometric patterns create a visually appealing focal point in the bathroom.
2. Architectural Interest: The grid pattern adds architectural interest and depth to the shower enclosure, transforming it into a design element that contributes to the overall ambiance of the space.
3. Contrast and Visual Impact: The contrast of the matte black grid against the glass panels or tiles creates a striking visual impact, making the shower enclosure stand out and capturing attention.
4. Contemporary Aesthetics: The grid design aligns well with contemporary and minimalist design trends, offering a sleek and sophisticated look that complements various interior styles.
5. Customized Look: The grid pattern provides a customized and unique appearance, allowing homeowners to personalize their bathroom and make a design statement.
Practical Effects:
1. Visual Separation: The grid design visually separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, defining the space and creating a sense of enclosure without compromising the open feel of a walk-in design.
2. Privacy: The grid pattern can offer a degree of privacy while still maintaining a sense of openness. It can obscure the view into the shower area while allowing light to pass through.
3. Texture and Tactile Interest: The grid lines create a textural element that can be visually appealing and interesting to touch, enhancing the sensory experience in the shower.
4. Organization and Clarity: The grid design can help organize the shower area, delineating where water should flow and where it shouldn't. This can assist in keeping the bathroom clean and dry.
5. Easy Maintenance: The grid pattern can help hide water spots and minor smudges, making the shower enclosure easier to maintain and clean.
6. Versatile Design: The grid pattern can be versatile, accommodating different glass thicknesses (6/8/10mm) and adapting to various bathroom styles and sizes.
Overall, the grid design of the EX-100-3 6/8/10mm Matt Black Grid walk-in shower enclosure combines aesthetic allure with practical benefits. It offers a contemporary and stylish appearance while enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of the shower space within the larger bathroom environment.